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A gift for Mark? Jets bring back WR Scotty McKnight

After the Jets ended their half-hearted pursuit of Peyton Manning, they responded to this breach in Mark Sanchez tranquility by giving the quarterback a fat new contract extension.

Now a day after the team rolled out Tim Tebow as the most celebrated understudy in recorded history, the Jets have announced the re-signing of wide receiver Scotty McKnight.

McKnight, you may recall, is Sanchez's childhood chum, a friendship that includes time together as ball boys at USC. Sanchez flew to the University of Colorado last year to throw passes at McKnight's pro day, a move Gil Brandt speculated could get McKnight drafted in the seventh round.

Gil -- as is his way -- was correct. The Jets selected McKnight with their final pick in the 2011 draft and he was a member of the practice squad until tearing his ACL in late-October.

Now he's back, a fact that will surely make Sanchez forget one of the most famous men in America is actively trying to make him obsolete. Hint: It's not George Clooney.

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