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A closer look at the top 10 QBs in 'Madden NFL 13'

You can still field a dominant "Madden" football team without a killer quarterback, but let's be clear here: If dinner or a bar tab is at stake in a winner-take-all showdown against a buddy, be sure to choose a team with an elite signal-caller.

With that in mind, here are the top 10 quarterbacks in "Madden NFL 13," to be released late next month.

Aaron Rodgers flip-flops with Tom Brady at the top of the list. To the MVP goes the spoils.

Eli Manning might still struggle to get the respect he deserves, but all is well in the world of "Madden." A 97 overall ranking represents a nine-point jump from last year's game.

Speaking of Eli and disrespect, Gregg Rosenthal is upset his boy Brady is a mere point ahead of the Giants QB who beat him in the Super Bowl ... twice. Take it up with him.

Philip Rivers dips from fourth to seventh on the heels of his sloppy 20-interception campaign.

Conspicuous no-shows: Matt Ryan (seventh last year), Joe Flacco (10th last year), Tyler Thigpen and Cam Newton. Just kidding about Thigpen.

As our man Adam Rank pointed out, tough cookies for Cam Newton, who misses the top 10 despite being a close runner-up in the "Madden" cover vote.

Matthew Stafford was rated a pedestrian 80 last year, sandwiched between Ryan Fitzpatrick and Vince Young at 24th overall. Thanks the Video Game Gods for workable shoulder sockets!

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