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49ers defense goes old-school in quest for scoring record

Bolstering the argument that Jim Harbaugh's reclamation project in San Francisco is no fluke: The 49ers defense has not allowed a rushing touchdown all season.

Pause for a minute. Before we blow that off for the next Tim Tebow featurette, understand that this has not been achieved by another team through 11 regular-season games -- in 83 years.

The last squad to do it? The 1928 Providence Steam Roller. (Sidenote: Maybe the best team name ever? Others in play: Dayton Triangles, Staten Island Stapletons and the high-rolling Tonawanda Kardex.)

While the Ravens and Steelers allowed only five touchdowns on the ground in 2010, the 49ers gave up nine and provided little indication they'd blow up this way one season later.

Even in today's pass-happy NFL, the Colts have been scored on by land 15 times. Same with the Panthers. But the 49ers have been outrageous on this front, allowing just 68 yards on 33 carries in the red zone.

That said, we're not sure how any of these teams would fare against the Steam Roller, which gave up 3.8 points per game and posted no less than five shutouts (albeit, largely against men who were selling insurance and peddling veal cutlets half the year).

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