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2016 Houston Texans regular season schedule

Houston Texans season schedule (all times local by market of team)

Sep. 11, Chicago Bears, 12:00 PM, FOX

Sep. 18, Kansas City Chiefs, 12:00 PM, CBS

Sep. 22, at New England Patriots (Thu), 7:25 PM, CBS/NFLN/Twitter

Oct. 2, Tennessee Titans, 12:00 PM, CBS

Oct. 9, at Minnesota Vikings, 12:00 PM, CBS

Oct. 16, Indianapolis Colts *, 7:30 PM, NBC

Oct. 24, at Denver Broncos (Mon), 7:30 PM, ESPN

Oct. 30, Detroit Lions, 12:00 PM, FOX


Nov. 13, at Jacksonville Jaguars, 12:00 PM, CBS

Nov. 21, at Oakland Raiders (Mexico City (Mon)), 7:30 PM, ESPN

Nov. 27, San Diego Chargers, 12:00 PM, CBS

Dec. 4, at Green Bay Packers, 12:00 PM, CBS

Dec. 11, at Indianapolis Colts, 12:00 PM, CBS

Dec. 18, Jacksonville Jaguars, 12:00 PM, CBS

Dec. 24, Cincinnati Bengals (Sat), 7:25 PM, NFLN

Jan. 1, at Tennessee Titans, 12:00 PM, CBS

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