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2015 NFL free agency: Andre Johnson, Percy Harvin among best values

Two weeks into free agency, 24 of the top 25 players on Around The NFL's list have decided where they'll be next year (with Michael Crabtree being the lone exception):

1)Ndamukong Suh: Miami Dolphins (6 years, $114M, $60M guaranteed)
2)Darrelle Revis: New York Jets (5 years, $70M, $39M guaranteed)
3)Julius Thomas: Jacksonville Jaguars (5 years, $46M contract, $24M guaranteed)
4)DeMarco Murray: Philadelphia Eagles (5 years, $40M, $20M guaranteed)
5)Mike Iupati: Arizona Cardinals (5 years, $40M, $22.5M guaranteed)
6)Greg Hardy: Dallas Cowboys (1 year, worth up to $13.1M)
7)Percy Harvin: Buffalo Bills (1 year, $6M)
8)Byron Maxwell: Philadelphia Eagles (6 years, $63M, $25M guaranteed)
9)Torrey Smith: San Francisco 49ers (5 years, $40M, $22M guaranteed)
10)Jason Worilds: retired
11)Pernell McPhee: Chicago Bears (5 years, $39M, $15.5M guaranteed)
12)Jeremy Maclin: Kansas City Chiefs (5 years, $55M, $22.5M guaranteed)
13)Nick Fairley: St. Louis Rams (1 year, worth up to $7.5M guaranteed)
14)Bryan Bulaga: Green Bay Packers (5 years, $33.75M, $8M guaranteed)
15)Jared Odrick: Jacksonville Jaguars (5 years, $42.5M, $22.5M guaranteed)
16)Terrance Knighton: Washington Redskins (1 year, $4M guaranteed)
17)Rodney Hudson: Oakland Raiders (5 years, $44.5M, $20M guaranteed)
18)Derrick Morgan: Tennessee Titans (4 years, $27M, $10.5M guaranteed)
19)Brian Orakpo: Tennessee Titans (4 years, $32M, $13.5M guaranteed)
20)Michael Crabtree: free agent
21)Andre Johnson: Indianapolis Colts (3 years, $21M)
22)Ryan Mathews: Philadelphia Eagles (3 years, $11.5M, $7.5M guaranteed)
23)C.J. Spiller: New Orleans Saints (4 years, $18M, $9M guaranteed)
24)Charles Clay: Buffalo Bills (5 years, $38M, $20M guaranteed)
25)Jabaal Sheard: New England Patriots (2 years, $11M, $5.5M guaranteed)

Poring over that list, which signing do you think will provide the most bang for the buck?

Andre Johnson at $7 million per year looks like quite a bargain. Last season -- in what was perceived by some to be a "down" year for Johnson -- he racked up 85 catches for 936 yards despite Houston having one of the worst quarterback situations in the league. In Indy, he gets Andrew Luck -- yeah, I'd say that's a bit of an upgrade ... Also, Johnson will be playing with a chip on his shoulder.

Johnson does not quite have the top-end speed he once had, but he is a good route runner with separation quickness who plays strong and physical. That style can give CBs problems. Also, on the other side, he has T.Y. Hilton, who has proven he can beat 1-on-1 coverage, thus forcing defenses to account for the youngster with a second defender. I love the value the Bills are getting in Percy Harvin -- I just don't like the fit. Harvin's got a skill set too similar to Sammy Watkins' and no quarterback to help with the transition from gadget player back to the dominant slot receiver he was early in his career with Brett Favre.

When he's healthy, Harvin is the most versatile receiver, as well as the most dangerous run-after-catch player, in the league. He was a legitimate MVP candidate at midseason in 2012. The Bills are getting him for just $2 million more than some punters are earning this year. I think the best value is DeMarco Murray. Five years at $40 million (with just $20 million guaranteed) for the reigning Offensive Player of the Year? That's a steal.

Murray is a better fit in Chip Kelly's offense than LeSean McCoy. And the McCoy trade, which brought fantastic young linebacker Kiko Alonso to Philadelphia, freed up the money for the Eagles to sign Murray. Oh, and the move took away the rival Cowboys' MVP. So long as he's healthy, Andre Johnson will be by far the most valuable signing of the offseason. The Colts are one step away from the next level, and pairing Andrew Luck with a dynamic, veteran deep threat is without question the best move general manager Ryan Grigson has made over the past two seasons. If Johnson has half as much gas left in the tank as he claims, he'll have a big season in Indy. Packers GM Ted Thompson doesn't do sexy. Green Bay's organizational mindset under his direction is evident, at least as it pertains to personnel: draft well, retain well. You don't see the Packers going after the big names in free agency. They primarily develop their own players. And looking at the list above, I believe Green Bay got the most value of any team, in re-signing Bryan Bulaga.

Think about it: The Packers got an ascending player who is just about to turn 26 -- and is a top-five player at his position (right tackle) -- for under $7 million per year. And he's locked up for five seasons at that rate. When you see what other players on the list are making -- guys like Jeremy Maclin, Byron Maxwell, Mike Iupati, all of whom are older and not necessarily better (or much better) -- you realize that Thompson's signing was a bargain. Percy Harvin is the best "value" signing of the free agency period. He is a dynamic playmaker capable of delivering game-changing plays as a receiver/runner/returner; teams must account for his whereabouts on every snap. Harvin certainly isn't the only explosive skill player on the Bills, either -- he'll be joined by Sammy Watkins, Robert Woods, Charles Clay and LeSean McCoy. This kind of arsenal puts opposing defensive coordinators in quite a bind when electing how to defend Buffalo's offense.

Despite a relatively hefty salary for a specialty player ($6 million), Harvin's ability to deliver big plays and open up the field for teammates makes him well worth the cost for Rex Ryan's squad.

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