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2013 NFL Draft picks shouldn't be revealed on Twitter

To tip or not to tip. That is the question.

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No, I'm not talking about tipping the guy who gives your Honda a final wipe-down at the car wash (although you should ... jerk).

I'm referring to draft picks, and the gentleman's agreement between NFL Network and ESPN not to reveal draft selections prior to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell stepping to the podium at Radio City Music Hall starting Thursday for the 2013 NFL Draft.

As you may have heard,'s Jason La Canfora has gone Bane in Gotham on the whole situation, publicly declaring his intention to tweet the selections as soon as he learns them. He cites journalistic integrity and natural impulse. We get it.

Check out the above video for some spirited debate on the topic between La Canfora,'s Mike Florio and our own Ian Rapoport. That's a triple split-screen, folks.

As someone grappling with a Twitter addiction, La Canfora's thinking should provide the impetus to remove the blue bird from my life Thursday and Friday night. I can't do that, though, not when I use Twitter as a news-gathering tool for my job. (Full disclosure: I also need to be perpetually kept in the loop on all Coffee Dad happenings.)

And no, it's not as simple as unfollowing LaCa (which several hundred people apparently have done). Once the information is out there, retweets will be plentiful. There is no escape in the information age. Have we learned nothing from "The Net"?

I totally was on board with the gentleman's agreement between the corporate behemoths. My life was perfect that way. Jason La Canfora -- a good man despite his Baltimore Orioles leanings -- has removed that element of perfection from my life.

I will forgive him, but it will take time.

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