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2018 NFL Draft order and needs for every team


This is the first-round order of the 2018 NFL Draft, with an early look at the top positional needs for every team, heading into Week 12. The draft order is determined by record, and using strength of schedule as a tiebreaker (record and strength of schedule are official tiebreakers to determine the draft order).

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1. Cleveland Browns
Record: 0-10 (.550)
Top needs: CB, WR, QB
The skinny: We can't take QB out of the conversation in Cleveland. Cornerback and wide receiver are clearly two spots where the Browns must get better.

2. San Francisco 49ers
Record: 1-9 (.510)
Top needs: WR, OL, CB
The skinny: The 49ers have addressed their QB need with the Jimmy Garoppolo trade, but finding a young WR1 is critical if you plan to build around him, as is an infusion of talent along the offensive line. The CB spot should also be high on the needs list.

3. New York Giants
Record: 2-8 (.510)
Top needs: OT, QB, RB
The skinny: It sounds like the Giants are serious about potentially finding Eli Manning's successor in next year's draft. They're also going to have to find a quality RB. Their LB corps isn't very impactful and could use a playmaker.

4. Indianapolis Colts
Record: 3-7 (.470)
Top needs: ILB, OL, Edge
The skinny: The Colts simply don't have the talent they need at inside linebacker. The offensive line could use a talent upgrade, as well. Chris Ballard won't stop looking for a terror off the edge.

5. Denver Broncos
Record: 3-7 (.510)
Top needs: OG, QB, OT
The skinny: It might be time for Denver to find a new left guard and I'm not sure that the right tackle position is where it needs to be even when all parties involved are healthy. It certainly doesn't feel like the Broncos have confidence that Paxton Lynch is their future answer at QB.

6. Chicago Bears
Record: 3-7 (.620)
Top needs: WR, OL, DB
The skinny: Kevin White is hurt yet again and it's time for the Bears to look for a new potential WR1 for Mitchell Trubisky. Chicago has room for improvement on the offensive line and it will be interesting to see if they keep Josh Sitton at his cap number next year. With Prince Amukamara and Kyle Fuller due to become free agents, CB is a likely target.

7 (tie). Arizona Cardinals
Record: 4-6 (.460)
Top needs: QB, OL, CB
The skinny: The Cardinals have several pressing areas of need. The offensive line requires reinforcements and the time has come to make finding a QB the top priority for Arizona. They should be adding more help at CB, as well.

7 (tie). Cincinnati Bengals
Record: 4-6 (.460)
Top needs: OL, QB, LB
The skinny: Cincinnati can't run the ball and something has to be done about it up front. The Bengals aren't getting their money's worth from Andy Dalton, so it wouldn't be surprising to see them looking around at QB. The Bengals might also be looking for help at LB.

9. New York Jets
Record: 4-6 (.470)
Top needs: QB, RB, OT
The skinny: Upgrading the offense has to be the priority for the Jets. They need a QB, RB and WR. They also need to improve their offensive line, most notably at tackle.

10. Oakland Raiders
Record: 4-6 (.490)
Top needs: CB, ILB, OT
The skinny: The Raiders don't have any CBs that are taking the ball away and they have to make CB their top priority. The inside linebacker spot is a major concern. Oakland understands the importance of a strong OL, so OT could come into play.



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