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2018 NFL Draft order and needs for every team


This is the first-round order of the 2018 NFL Draft, with an early look at the top positional needs for every team, heading into Week 7. The draft order is determined by record, and using strength of schedule as a tiebreaker (record and strength of schedule are official tiebreakers to determine the draft order).

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1. Cleveland Browns
Record: 0-6 (.486)
Top needs: CB, LB, WR
The skinny: Cleveland's roster is starting to take shape with the young talent it accumulated in recent drafts, but finding a quality cornerback and inside linebacker should be an early priority. They could use a go-to target at receiver.

2. San Francisco 49ers
Record: 0-6 (.559)
Top needs: WR, OL, CB
The skinny: I believe QB should be the top priority for the 49ers, but the selection of C.J. Beathard in the 2017 draft likely means the front office doesn't agree, so I'm not including the position on this list ... for now. Finding a young WR1 is critical, as is an infusion of talent along the offensive line. The CB spot also deserves to be high on the needs list.

3. New York Giants
Record: 1-5 (.515)
Top needs: OL, LB, CB
The skinny: If the Giants do indeed believe 2017 draft pick Davis Webb is Eli Manning's eventual replacement, the top need is offensive tackle. Their LB corps isn't very impactful and needs an alpha on the unit. Adding competition at CB would be prudent.

4. Indianapolis Colts
Record: 2-4 (.371)
Top needs: ILB, CB, OL
The skinny: The Colts need a rangy, 3-down linebacker for the middle of their defense and more depth in the secondary. The talent on the offensive line is below the level of where it needs to be.

5. Oakland Raiders
Record: 2-4 (.500)
Top needs: LB, OT, K
The skinny: The addition of NaVorro Bowman on a one-year deal helps for now, but GM Reggie McKenzie can still work on improving his linebacker corps. Bolstering the right tackle spot or interior O-line depth could be a priority, too. The Raiders need to find a new kicker with Sebastian Janikowski reaching the end of the line.

6. Los Angeles Chargers
Record: 2-4 (.559)
Top needs: OT, QB, NT
The skinny: Forrest Lamp will help solidify the offensive line when he returns from an ACL tear, but a new piece is needed at right tackle. Philip Rivers' future replacement needs to be found. A run-plugging NT would make a talented front even stronger.

7. Chicago Bears
Record: 2-4 (.588)
Top needs: WR, OG, DB
The skinny: Kevin White is hurt yet again and it's time for the Bears to look for a new potential WR1 for Mitchell Trubisky. They need to find a young guard and more talent in the secondary, too.

8. Cincinnati Bengals
Record: 2-3 (.448)
Top needs: QB, OL, LB
The skinny: Unless Andy Dalton takes his game to another level, the Bengals could be looking for a new QB. They could also use more talent along the interior offensive line and at linebacker.

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9. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Record: 2-3 (.467)
Top needs: RB, CB, DE
The skinny: Tampa Bay could fine-tune its offense with a go-to RB. Defensively, the Bucs need to find a young CB who will be a future starter, and they are still looking for more heat off the edge at DE.

10. Dallas Cowboys
Record: 2-3 (.517)
Top needs: TE, DT, RB
The skinny: Jason Witten will turn 36 shortly after the draft and it's time to find the player who'll replace him. Adding a talented defensive tackle who can get upfield could be in play. Both Alfred Morris and Darren McFadden will be free agents, so adding a backup RB should be a possibility.



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