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2018 NFL Draft order and team needs: Nos. 21-32


This is the first-round order of the 2018 NFL Draft, with an early look at the top positional needs for every team, heading into Week 11.

NOTE: Teams 21-32 are ordered according to the seed they would hold in the playoffs if the season ended today, with record and strength of schedule as tiebreakers. The draft order for playoff teams is not set until after the regular season, as they are ordered by the sequence in which they are eliminated from the postseason.

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21. Buffalo Bills
Record: 5-4 (.476)
Top needs: DT, LB, QB
The skinny: With Marcell Dareus gone, the Bills might decide to lock in on finding a quality DT early in the draft. They need to improve at linebacker. Keep your eye out for another QB here, even though Tyrod Taylor is signed through next season and they drafted Nathan Peterman in 2017.

22. Seattle Seahawks
Record: 6-3 (.410)
Top needs: OT, CB, OG
The skinny: The addition of Duane Brown certainly helps in the short term but tackle is still a spot that's worth a look this year. Adding help at guard is very possible. Richard Sherman's status with the team will be worth keeping an eye on again this offseason, as the Seahawks might need to find another CB.

23. Jacksonville Jaguars
Record: 6-3 (.482)
Top needs: QB, TE, WR
The skinny: The Jaguars have something going on the defensive side of the football, but the offense needs some upgrades. Look for them to take a close look at both QB and move TE this offseason, with wide receiver potentially coming into play if they let Marqise Lee walk.

24. Carolina Panthers
Record: 7-3 (.527)
Top needs: OL, Edge, CB
The skinny: The Panthers have needed help at tackle for a while, and could use another guard, as well. On defense, an edge bender and another cornerback to add depth and competition at the position are needed in such a dangerous offensive division. Receiver should be on the radar for Carolina, as well, following the departure of Kelvin Benjamin.

25. Tennessee Titans
Record: 6-3 (.402)
Top needs: Edge, OG, TE
The skinny: Finding a consistent edge presence could go a long way in helping the Titans' defense reach that next level. There is room for improvement and depth at guard. Finding another combination TE to eventually take over for Delanie Walker should be on their radar.

26. Los Angeles Rams
Record: 7-2 (.398)
Top needs: CB, OL, LB
The skinny: The Rams need to find a top-tier CB to add to the mix. Upgrading the interior offensive line would strengthen the run game, and adding the needed LB depth should be relatively easy next year.

27. Buffalo Bills (via Chiefs)
Record: 5-4 (.476)
Top needs: DT, LB, QB
The skinny: This is the pick the Bills acquired when the Chiefs traded up to land Patrick Mahomes in the 2017 draft. The linebacker position should be addressed, and DT is a need now that Marcell Dareus has been shipped to Jacksonville. The Bills should be looking for a potential upgrade at QB, too.

28 . New Orleans Saints
Record: 7-2 (.561)
Top needs: LB, QB, CB
The skinny: The Saints have improved their defense, but their LB corps is extremely average and should be one of their primary targets. Unless the Saints see Chase Daniel as their future starter, they better look for a QB this year. Despite the addition of a first-round CB in this year's draft, the Saints still need more help at that position.

29. Minnesota Vikings
Record: 7-2 (.469)
Top needs: OT, OG, QB
The skinny: Improving their talent at tackle should be an early consideration. Case Keenum has done a nice job in his time as the starter, but the Vikings will likely decide if QB is a priority based on how Teddy Bridgewater performs. The Vikings could look to add talent at guard or depth at defensive tackle.

30. New England Patriots
Record: 7-2 (.494)
Top needs: CB, QB, Edge
The skinny: The Patriots must improve their secondary with another capable cornerback. With the trades of both Jimmy Garropolo and Jacoby Brissett, the Patriots have to address QB at some point. A true edge bender is missing from their rush.

31. Pittsburgh Steelers
Record: 7-2 (.451)
Top needs: ILB, QB, S
The skinny: Pittsburgh should be looking to add another playmaker in the middle of its defense at LB. Finding Ben Roethlisberger's successor could become the priority. They need to find help at safety, too.

32. Philadelphia Eagles
Record: 8-1 (.398)
Top needs: LT, LB, CB
The skinny: The Eagles addressed their need at RB with the addition of Jay Ajayi, but the season-ending injury to Jason Peters will likely make the left tackle spot a high priority in the offseason. It would be surprising if they didn't look for help at linebacker, and the CB corps isn't quite where it needs to be.

Teams without a first-round pick

Houston Texans
Record: 3-6 (.537)
Top needs: OL, S, CB
The skinny: Without Duane Brown, the Texans' offensive line is in desperate need of a talent infusion at tackle and guard. CB is becoming a big concern, but not as big as safety, where the Texans are extremely weak.

Kansas City Chiefs
Record: 6-3 (.543)
Top needs: CB, WR, S
The skinny: The Chiefs' roster is in decent shape, but they could look to improve in the secondary by adding pieces at both cornerback and safety. Bolstering the wideout position is a possibility as well.



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