All Time Draft

Houston Texans - 1st Overall If every player in NFL history were available in an imaginary NFL Draft, who would go off the board first overall to the Houston Texans? Dave Dameshek, Elliot Harrison and Daniel Jeremiah find out which signal caller becomes the top overall pick.

St. Louis Rams - 2nd Overall With one quarterback gone, the Rams pick up one of the game's all-time greats with the second overall pick in the imaginary All-Time Draft of 2014.

Jacksonville Jaguars - 3rd Overall The All-Time Draft of 2014 rolls on with the Jacksonville Jaguars, who take the draft's first defensive player with the third overall pick.

Cleveland Browns - 4th Overall With the Browns' first of two picks in the All-Time Draft of 2014, the team looks to shore up the quarterback position once and for all.

Oakland Raiders - 5th Overall The Oakland Raiders make an early splash in the All-Time Draft of 2014 by selecting a talented prospect out of a small school with the fifth overall pick.

Atlanta Falcons - 6th Overall The Atlanta Falcons grab a former SEC pass rusher with the sixth pick of the All-Time Draft of 2014.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers - 7th Overall Tampa Bay raises eyebrows by selecting a player with major injury concerns at number seven in the All-Time Draft of 2014.

Minnesota Vikings - 8th Overall The Matt Cassel era in Minnesota comes to the end early, as the Minnesota Vikings select a franchise quarterback with the eighth pick of the All-Time Draft of 2014.

Buffalo Bills - 9th Overall Buffalo looks to establish a defensive identity with their selection in the All-Time Draft of 2014.

Detroit Lions - 10th Overall The Detroit Lions' front office takes the top cornerback on their board with the 10th overall pick of the All-Time Draft of 2014.

Tennessee Titans - 11th Overall The All-Time Draft of 2014 continues at pick number 11, as the Titans add a tough defensive end to the roster.

New York Giants - 12th Overall With the 12th pick of the All-Time Draft of 2014, the New York Giants look for depth in the secondary to help defend against the powerful offenses of the NFC East.

St. Louis Rams - 13th Overall The St. Louis Rams use their second pick in the first round of the All-Time Draft of 2014 on a playmaker that will help bring back the glory days of "The Greatest Show on Turf."

Chicago Bears - 14th Overall The Chicago Bears make a surprise choice with their first-round selection, choosing a small-school defender with big upside.

Pittsburgh Steelers - 15th Overall The Steel Curtain chooses a capable replacement for the aging Troy Polamalu with the 15th overall pick of the All-Time Draft of 2014.

Dallas Cowboys - 16th Overall Halfway through the All-Time Draft of 2014, the Dallas Cowboys set their sights on a defensive back in the mold of Seattle's "Legion of Boom" corners.

Baltimore Ravens - 17th Overall The Baltimore Ravens add another scoring threat to pair with offseason additions Steve Smith and Owen Daniels with teh 17th pick of the All-Time Draft of 2014.

New York Jets - 18th Overall Rex Ryan knows who he would select with the 18th pick in our imaginary All-Time Draft of 2014: a bruising running back to carry the load for the Jets.

Miami Dolphins - 19th Overall With the 19th pick of the All-Time Draft of 2014, the Miami Dolphins choose a shifty runner to split the load with newly-signed Knowshon Moreno.

Arizona Cardinals - 20th Overall 20 picks into the All-Time Draft of 2014, the Arizona Cardinals pick up the third consecutive running back to come off the board. Plus, Fantasy Editor Michael Fabiano chooses his pick of the running back litter so far.

Green Bay Packers - 21st Overall The Green Bay Packers add a fearsome defensive prospect to complement Julius Peppers and Clay Matthews, which might make the Packers' defense as dominant as Aaron Rodgers and the offense.

Mary Philadelphia Eagles - 22nd Overall Chip Kelly and the Eagles choose a diminutive defender to lock down opposing receivers with the 22nd pick in the All-Time Draft of 2014.

Kansas City Chiefs - 23rd Overall With the 23rd pick of the All-Time Draft of 2014, the Chiefs add a much-needed weapon on the outside for quarterback Alex Smith to target.

Cincinnati Bengals - 24th Overall The Cincinnati Bengals go outside Division I--and the rest of the NCAA--to make their first selection in the All-Time Draft of 2014.

San Diego Chargers - 25th Overall Mike McCoy and the Chargers grab an SEC linebacker with the 25th overall pick in the All-Time Draft of 2014, leaving one of the game's great running backs waiting in the green room.

Cleveland Browns - 26th Overall After selecting the quarterback of the future in the top five, the Browns double down on offense with a running back prospect at number 26 overall in the All-Time Draft of 2014.

New Orleans Saints - 27th Overall With the 27th pick of the All-Time Draft of 2014, the New Orleans Saints choose a punishing linebacker from the Big 10.

Carolina Panthers - 28th Overall See how the Panthers choose to fill the void at wide receiver with the 28th pick of the All-Time Draft of 2014.

New England Patriots - 29th Overall Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots select a dominant defensive lineman out of "The U" as the All-Time Draft of 2014 rolls on.

San Francisco 49ers - 30th Overall With the first round winding down, the San Francisco 49ers add an explosive offensive threat to split carries with running back Frank Gore.

Denver Broncos - 31st Overall Protecting Peyton Manning is priority number one for the Denver Broncos, so John Elway (who was also selected first overall by the Houston Texans earlier in the draft) adds a tackle to keep the team's franchise signal caller upright.

Seattle Seahawks - 32nd Overall The Seattle Seahawks add the first tight end taken off the board, as the first round of the All-Time Draft of 2014 comes to a close. All-Time Draft of 2014 Rules

  • Teams will select historic NFL players in the order of the 2014 NFL Draft
  • No player on a current NFL roster is eligible to be drafted
  • In this scenario, each player is 22 years old and has just finished college
  • Picks are made solely based on need and players’ college careers, rather than their NFL production

Picks Revealed:

  • April 181-3
  • April 194-6
  • April 207-9
  • April 2110-12
  • April 2213-15
  • April 2316-18
  • April 2419-21
  • April 2522-24
  • April 2625-27
  • April 2728-30
  • April 2831-32
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