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Draft 2009

  • Chasing the dream

    Chasing the dream

    Get an all-access look at USC LB Brian Cushing as he preps for the Under Armour Senior Bowl.

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Draft Tracker - Round One order
1Detriot Lions
2St. Louis Rams
3Kansas City Cheifs
4Seattle Seahawks
5Cleveleand Browns
6Cincinnati Bengals
7Oakland Raiders
8Jacksonville Jaguars
9Green Bay Packers
10San Francisco 49ers
11Buffalo Bills
12Denver Broncos
13Washington Redskins
14New Orleans Saints
15Houston Texans
16San Diego Chargers
17New York Jets
18Chicago Bears
19Tampa Bay Buccaneers
20Detroit Lions (from Dallas)
21Philadelphia Eagles
22Minnesota Vikings
23New England Patriots
24Atlanta Falcons
25Miami Dolphins
26Baltimore Ravens
27Indianapolis Colts
28Philadelphia Eagles (from Carolina)
29New York Giants
30Tennessee Titans
31Arizona Cardinals
32Pittsburgh Steelers

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  • Fan War Rooms: Your draft analysis

    Got something to say about which players your favorite team selected in the draft? How did other teams fare? Let it be known in our Fan War Rooms.

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Draft 2008

Looking back at the 2008 Draft A pair of quarterbacks, Atlanta's Matt Ryan (the No. 3 overall choice) and Baltimore's Joe Flacco (the No. 18 overall choice), established themselves as stars in their rookie seasons, but they were just two of many impressive players from last year's class. NFL Draft 2008

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