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  1. End Around

    Sunday night turns into kicker horror show

    The overtime period of Sunday night's matchup between the Cardinals and Seahawks will live on in infamy. The game will also endure as a career-low moment for two men who play the same position. Read

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  3. Snap Judgments: Vikings can't stay unbeaten

    The Vikings earned their first loss. Dolphins running back Jay Ajayi was arguably the story of the day once again. See what other takeaways NFL.com's Don Banks had from Week 7's slate of games. Read

  4. Time for Rams to turn to Jared Goff

    Jeff Fisher is sticking with Case Keenum as his starting QB, despite the Rams passer's four-pick showing in London. Gregg Rosenthal disagrees with the decision, saying it's time for Jared Goff's debut. Read

  5. Jags sadness captured nicely by Marquette King

    The Jacksonville Jaguars sucked a lot of people in this season. Then the season started. Jags sadness was perfectly encapsulated by a punter's gain on Sunday. Read

  6. Every TD From Sunday | Week 7

    Check out all the TDs from Sunday of NFL action. Watch
  7. Things I learned in Fantasy Football: Week 7

    Jay Ajayi has taken control in the Dolphins backfield and it turns out that Tom Brady wasn't a fantasy death knell for LeGarrette Blount. Find out what else the Fantasy Stronghold learned in Week 7. Read

  8. Cousins handoff turns into debacle

    Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins trips while handing the ball off, resulting in a fumble recovered by the Detroit Lions. Watch
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  10. Jets' gaffe highlights Week 7's quirky plays

    Week 7's slate of games featured some wild plays like the botched punt snap in New York. Take a look at some of the quirkiest moments from Sunday's NFL matchups. Read

  11. Ajayi eclipses 200 yards in Fins' victory

    Jay Ajayi went from the doghouse to the penthouse. After starting the season a healthy scratch for disciplinary reasons, Ajayi notched another 200-yard rushing game to lead the Dolphins over the Bills. Read

  12. Dustin Hopkins plunks top of upright

    The Washington Redskins lost by three points in Detroit, a fact we imagine will be running through Dustin Hopkins' head as he tries to get to sleep tonight. Read

  13. Camera falls for Tyrod Taylor's fake

    Buffalo Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor fakes the hand off and runs in for a 10-yard touchdown vs. the Miami Dolphins in Week 7 of the 2016 NFL season. Watch
  14. Name the Play

    Caption this: Name Week 7's top plays

    A.J. Green's juggling Hail Mary reception at the end of the first half was one of Week 7's most exciting moments. It's your turn to name the best plays from this week's action. Read

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  16. Week 7 opportunity report

    The Lions wide receiver distribution of the target has seemed to flip on its head from Marvin Jones leading the way early back to Golden Tate. Matt Harmon takes a look at all the Week 7 games. Read

  17. Exotic smashmouth: Titans score on left tackle TD

    We finally got to see what exotic smashmouth looks like this Sunday when the Titans faced the Colts and busted out the TD pass to left tackle Taylor Lewan. Read

  18. 2016 Week 7 review

    A room filled with heroes break down each Week 7 game, including a battle in London, an exciting OT showdown between the Falcons and Chargers and a bizarre SNF tie. Listen

  19. Jay Ajayi rules Week 7 RB touches

    Jay Ajayi shocked the fantasy world with his second straight 200-yard game against the Bills. Matt Franciscovich recaps Ajayi's day and all of the running back touches from the Week 7 fantasy slate. Read

  20. Top 10 quarterbacks in NFL history

    Elliot Harrison compiles his list of the 10 best quarterbacks in NFL history. Has Tom Brady surpassed Joe Montana? Or can Joe Cool hang on to his spot atop the historical hierarchy? Read

  21. Because when the owner stops believing in you and the GM stops believing in you and the coaches stop believing in you, sometimes all you have is yourself.

    Ryan Fitzpatrick

    - Ryan Fitzpatrick, after helping lead the Jets to victory following Geno Smith's injury.

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  23. NFL Fan Pass: Football meets rugby in London

    Osi Umenyiora sits with Rams receiver Tavon Austin and England Rugby winger Anthony Watson to discuss the crossover between the two sports. Find out who they think is the fastest man in the room. Watch
  24. Breast Cancer Awareness

    Help make a crucial catch

    Everyone can help make a crucial catch in the fight against breast cancer. Show your support here by visiting our Breast Cancer Awareness page and learning how you can get more involved. Read

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