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  1. Game Picks

    Peyton's revenge?

    Will Peyton Manning's Denver Broncos get even with the Seattle Seahawks in Sunday's rematch of the Super Bowl XLVIII blowout? Elliot Harrison provides his predictions for every Week 3 game. Read

  2. Primetime and Hester share emotional moment

    Deion Sanders and Falcons wide receiver Devin Hester share an emotional moment after Hester breaks Primetime's return TD record. Watch
  3. Inside The NFL Notebook

    Fallout from an ugly month: How will teams change?

    How will a spate of off-field woes involving high-profile guys like Adrian Peterson and Greg Hardy affect NFL teams' player evaluation? Albert Breer gets answers from power brokers across the league. Read

  4. What you need to know: Time to panic in Tampa

    The Buccaneers suffered a full-blown meltdown in a 56-14 thrashing at the hands of the Falcons. Find out what else we learned in Thursday night's blowout. Read

  5. I've slowed down a little bit. I used to run a 4.2, now I run a 4.3.

    Devin Hester

    - Devin Hester, on the speed he still possesses at 31.

  6. Best and worst Week 3 fantasy matchups

    Once again, Chris Anthony runs the numbers through his one-of-a-kind algorithm to find the best and worst Week 3 matchups. Find out what's in store for Eddie Lacy and plenty more here. Read

  7. Game Center: Buccaneers @ Falcons

    Record-setting Hester, Falcons soar to blowout win

    Led by Devin Hester's record-breaking night, the Falcons jumped up early on the Bucs and never looked back en route to a blowout win.

  8. NFL Record Breaker

    Hester broke a record, you can too!

    Devin Hester broke the career return touchdowns record on Thursday. Now it's your turn. With NFL Record Breaker, you pick NFL players each week and build up stats to break the top NFL records! Read

  9. Week 3: Buccaneers vs. Falcons highlights

    Falcons wide receiver Devin Hester sets an NFL record with his 20th career return touchdown in Atlanta's 56-14 win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Watch
  10. Breath of fresh air: Buffalo flying high

    Folks would have been forgiven for expecting a rough 2014 for EJ Manuel's Buffalo Bills. So why have things been anything but? Judy Battista weighs the positivity. Plus 10 things to watch in Week 3. Read

  11. Bucky's Best: Top CFB matchups to watch

    Is red-hot Texas A&M quarterback Kenny Hill set to go off again this weekend? Bucky Brooks examines Hill's matchup and several others that intrigue him most in Week 4 of college football. Read

  12. Broncos not same team that lost Super Bowl

    The Denver Broncos were embarrassed in Super Bowl XLVIII, but they're practically a new team this season. How have offseason additions like DeMarcus Ware helped to rebuild the team? Read

  13. Week 3 viewer's guide

    EJ Manuel and the surprising 2-0 Bills host Philip Rivers and the San Diego Chargers on Sunday. Can Buffalo stay undefeated? Find out what you need to watch for in Week 3. Read

  14. Bucs-Falcons review, Week 3 preview

    The Around the NFL crew gathers to discuss the Falcons' dominant win over the Bucs, and covers a Super Bowl rematch as well as Andrew Luck seeking to avoid 0-3 in their Week 3 preview. Listen

  15. NFL All Digital

    Find out how you can access the best of the NFL on your phone, tablet or connected device for the 2014 NFL season. Watch
  16. QB Index: Early season awards

    Andrew Luck is fun to watch. He's also misunderstood. Our early QB awards look at Luck's streakiness, Josh McCown's ugly picks, Tony Romo's shaky start and the guys who are the hardest to decipher. Read

  17. NFL NOW

    Get it all NOW

    NFL NOW is here. Follow your favorite players and teams around the clock with video personalized to you on all of your devices. Start using it now! Read

  18. Week 2: FedEx Air and Ground winners

    San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers threw for 284 yards and 3 touchdowns to earn FedEx Air player of the week honors and Dallas Cowboys running back DeMarco Murray rushed for 167 yards and a touchdown to take home the FedEX Ground player of the week title. Watch
  19. NFL Game Rewind

    Rewatch every game on your laptop, tablet or phone

    Relive every game and follow your favorite team all season. All-22 and End Zone camera angles let you analyze games like a coach, and now you can try it free with our limited time free trial. Read


    Week 2 Nominees

    Vote for the GMC Never Say Never Moment of the Week

  21. Bucky's Best

    Seven Week 3 matchups you need to watch

    When the San Francisco 49ers visit the Arizona Cardinals, we'll be treated to a dandy WR-CB battle: Michael Crabtree vs. Alterraun Verner. Bucky Brooks studies key matchups on this week's slate. Read

  22. Tees for the season

    Tees for the season

    Show your support for your team by purchasing team T-Shirt gear from the new 2014 collection at NFL Shop. Shop

  23. IYOU VOTE Pepsi Rookie of the Week

    Week 2 Nominees

    Who was the top rookie of Week 2?

  24. Together We Make Football

    Why do we love football?

    Football isn’t just a game. It’s a huge part of our lives. Whether you are part of a team, a fan or an entire community that loves the game, we want to hear what role football plays in your life. Read

  25. One Preview

    Premier passers integral in pivotal divisional game

    Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers have owned their rivalry with the Detroit Lions recently, and it will be up to Matthew Stafford to assist in altering those fortunes against their divisional nemesis. Read


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