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  1. Team identities: AFC East

    The New England Patriots and the rest of the AFC East are off to slow starts. But is any team capable of knocking off Tom Brady and Co. from the top of the division? Read

  2. Power Rankings

    Moving day: A grand reshuffling of the deck

    With a quarter of the 2014 regular season in the books, Elliot Harrison completely reassesses the league order. In the latest edition of the NFL Power Rankings, 31 of 32 teams are on the move. Read

  3. Winners and losers from season's first quarter

    With the first month of the 2014 season at a close, it looks like both the Giants and Chiefs have recovered from an early malaise. Who are the other winners and losers? Read

  4. Under The Headset

    Game-planning nightmares across the NFL

    Certain players, like Seattle Seahawks WR Percy Harvin and Houston Texans DE J.J. Watt, must be accounted for on every single play. Brian Billick identifies the guys who keep coaches up at night. Read


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  6. DeMarco Murray goes No. 1 in fantasy mock re-draft

    With a quarter of the season gone, Marcas Grant takes all of our new knowledge and mocks up a new fantasy draft. There's a distinct change at the top. Read

  7. Week 4: The Shek Report

    Dave Dameshek spreads the shame around this week to New York Jets quarterback Geno Smith, clueless journalists and haters of Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Steve Smith. Watch
  8. Team identities: AFC West

    The Chargers seem poised to challenge the Broncos for the AFC West crown. Meanwhile, the Raiders are just struggling to stay afloat. Around The NFL's Dan Hanzus breaks down the division. Read

  9. Top 10 plays: Pro tip

    Steve Smith promised there would be "blood and guts everywhere" when he faced the Panthers -- and he delivered. Check out his 61-yard TD off of a tipped pass, along with the rest of Week 4's top plays. Watch







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  11. Playoff Picture

    If the season ended today ...

    Andy Dalton and Co. are 3-0 and on a tear of late. Through the first four weeks of play, the teams holds the No. 1 spot in the AFC 2014 playoff picture. See where your team stands. Read

  12. There's no magic scheme. It's up to the players to play a lot better than we're playing. This hasn't been an isolated incident.

    Tom Brady

    - Tom Brady, regarding the Patriots' current struggles.

  13. NFL NOW

    Get it all NOW

    NFL NOW is here. Follow your favorite players and teams around the clock with video personalized to you on all of your devices. Start using it now! Read

  14. Brady: 'We have to figure out what is good enough'

    Tom Brady comments on the New England Patriots struggling offense, while LaVar Arrington and Eric Davis explain how Brady can help fix the struggles. Watch
  15. 2014 NFL Draft do-over: QB claims top spot in draft

    Even just four weeks into the season, Gil Brandt sees significant change among the top 16 picks in the 2014 NFL Draft. Take a look at which players would be selected at the top of Round 1 today. Read

  16. IYOU VOTE Pepsi Rookie of the Week

    Week 4 Nominees

    Who was the top rookie of Week 4?

  17. Together We Make Football

    Why do we love football?

    Football isn’t just a game. It’s a huge part of our lives. Whether you are part of a team, a fan or an entire community that loves the game, we want to hear what role football plays in your life. Read

  18. NFL Game Rewind

    Rewatch every game on your laptop, tablet or phone

    Relive every game and follow your favorite team all season. All-22 and End Zone camera angles let you analyze games like a coach, and now you can try it free with our limited time free trial. Read

  19. Bridgewater film review

    Minnesota Vikings quarterback Teddy Bridgewater was a stud in Week 4. Brian Baldinger breaks down the film to see how the Vikings are maximizing Bridgewater's potential. Watch
  20. Bucky's Best

    Award winners at the quarter pole

    Four weeks into the 2014 NFL season, Bucky Brooks takes stock of the individual award races. Will San Diego Chargers QB Philip Rivers take home MVP honors for the first time in his career? Read

  21. Name the Play

    Help name Week 4 moments

    Is it "Watt-ever it takes"? What about "Running of the bull"? Or "99 Watts of power"? Vote for the best names for J.J. Watt's pick six and two other memorable plays from Week 4. Read

  22. Go Pink!

    Go Pink!

    October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Show your support for the NFL's Breast Cancer Awareness campaign by purchasing the pink product now available at NFL Shop. Shop

  23. NFL UP!

    Get fit like your favorite players

    Looking for tips to improve your strength, increase your speed or just get fit? Up your game and get fit like your favorite player! Vote now to unlock player workouts for this week. Watch

  24. Deep dive: Grab these rookies off waivers now

    Some rookies are earning more playing time and as such should be earning the attention of fantasy football players. Find out who you need to acquire now to stash on your bench off of waivers. Read

  25. Who will win Rookies of the Year?

    At the season's quarter mark, our weekly "Rookie Watch" series takes a look at this year's early leaders for Offensive and Defensive Rookie of the Year. Read


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