Yes We Can: Jim Bob Cooter for president in 2020

Jim Bob Cooter for president.

That's the strengthening siren call coming out of Detroit and its surrounding communities in support of the Lions offensive coordinator with the best name in the game.

Lions wide receiver Golden Tate was driving home from practice this week when he spotted another believer: "Umm... YES Kanye West vs. Jim Bob Cooter 2020 #election?"

"I wanted to follow him all the way home and tell him he has my vote," Tate said, according to the Detroit Free Press.

Cooter, 32, won't be eligible to run for president until the 2020 election, but the movement is catching inside the Lions' facility. Defensive coordinator Teryl Austin ended his meeting with reporters on Thursday by saying, "Jim Bob for President." When Lions coach Jim Caldwell was asked about a Cooter presidential bid, he deadpanned, "I think he'd be a good one. I know he'd get the Southern states, that's for sure."

Cooter followed Austin on the podium and began by addressing this exploding political situation.

"I'm not very in tuned out there," Cooter said. "I'm not in the world. So nice of (Austin) to leave me with that present as he walked out."

Of course, Cooter's missing the point. This is Cooter's world -- we're all just living in it.

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