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WR Jordan Addison on being drafted by Vikings: 'I fell to the perfect organization'

The future starts now for rookie wide receiver Jordan Addison.

After being drafted by the Vikings as the No. 23 overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft, Addison found his new home in Minnesota, alongside arguably the top receiver in the league.

Similar to Addison, Justin Jefferson was drafted as the No. 22 pick in the 2020 NFL Draft. Now, the three-time Pro-Bowler will be Addison's teammate and, most likely, his mentor. When reflecting on his draft day, Addison expressed his gratitude for the Vikings picking him when they did.

"It was just real special, I had the family there to support, and I just felt like I fell to the perfect organization," Addison said on NFL Total Access on Thursday.

Last season, Jefferson set a career-high of 129 receptions for 1,809 yards and an average of 106.4 yards per game. He also scored eight touchdowns for Minnesota. During offseason activities, Addison has been watching, analyzing the superstar receiver and taking time to learn his craft above all else.

"Oh, man, it's just been all learning for me, not too much talking," he said. "Just out there on the field watching what he do and just trying to pick his brain to see why he wants to run his routes the way he do."

Now, Addison will get the chance to bring his talents to the table as a replacement for receiver Adam Thielen, who signed with the Panthers after being released by Minnesota.

In 2022, while playing for USC, Addison had 59 receptions for 875 yards and eight touchdowns. Going into the big leagues, Addison feels he will be ready, even if that means taking over for the veteran wideout.

"I ain't going to get into it too much, comparing. I just know what I can do. I'm confident, and I am going to fill his shoes," he said.

As the Vikings look to make another playoff run during the 2023 season, adding depth in Addison is a big bonus. The Vikings had good luck in drafting a receiver in the first round four years ago. With his confidence and willingness to learn from the best of the best, time will tell if Addison can make the same kind of impact.

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