Wily Ty Montgomery uses rulebook to his advantage

There's nothing like the exploitation of a little-known league rule to give your special teams coach an extra bounce to his step on a Monday morning.

In the second quarter at Lambeau Field on Sunday, Matt Prater of the Lions sailed a kickoff toward the far-side pylon that bounced inside the 5-yard line, hopped into the end zone and then back out on the field of play near the 2. Packers return man Ty Montgomery quickly surveyed the scene, stepped out of bounds, laid flat on his stomach and reached out to touch the ball just before a surge of Lions players reached the scene.

A flag came out and Prater was penalized for kicking the ball out of bounds despite the ball never leaving the field of play. Devious!

The Packers took over at their own 40 and scored a touchdown in four plays. Green Bay won, 34-27.

One can imagine Bill Belichick watching the play with a tear rolling down his cheek. The tear turned to ice before it reached the bottom of his face, but that's a story for another time.

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