William Hayes still doesn't believe in dinosaurs, Part III

You can throw all the bones and fossils, all the facts and evidence you want at Rams defensive end William Hayes, and his answer will be the same: Dinosaurs are not real.

Hayes' fascinating disbelief in the existence of scaled creatures from the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods of this here Earth was well-documented during this year's edition of Hard Knocks.

But despite months of public scoffing, Hayes remains steadfast as the nation's most high-profile dinosaur truther. Late-night host Jimmy Kimmel tried his hardest to understand Hayes' logic during a trip to the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles and, well, the bit went exactly as you'd expect.

Here are Hayes' greatest hits:

» (making sense of Triceratops bones) "That st looks like clay."
» (skeptically examining a Pakicetus attocki) "Hell no, that ain't no whale."
» "Do you believe in unicorns?" "S
t, I do now."
» "I feel like it's a large body of water that we haven't discovered. We find different species in the water every day. Who's to say that a mermaid can't be down there?"
» "(This trip) changed my mind that mermaids are just not in the water. Now they could be just on land. ... My search for Ariel has intensified even more now."

If this country has learned anything from Hayes over the past few months, it's to never listen to people with facts, stay true to what you believe and find your mermaid. #FindYourMermaid

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