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Who's the better clutch QB: Brady or Manning?

The two quarterbacks in Super Bowl XLVI have had their share of clutch moments throughout their careers. Which one would you rather have in the fourth quarter on Sunday, Eli Manning or Tom Brady?

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  • Jason La Canfora
  • Brady arguably the best QB ever

Tom Brady might be the best of all-time. When it's all said and done that will be a legitimate debate. So I'm gonna roll with him. He could have one for the thumb and has rarely shrunk on the biggest stage. Manning has been awesome in the clutch this season, but I'm looking at the totality of the career here, and Tom Brady is as good as it gets.

As good as Eli's become, and as many last-minute escapes as he's had, I'm still taking Brady. Even when things are at their worst, and New England has nothing going on, Brady somehow finds a way to get the points when they need them at the end of games, including twice in Super Bowls. Eli still has a little bit too many "I'm just going to throw this up there and hope" plays, while Brady's someone I have the confidence in that he knows exactly what he wants to do when he has to, and it's just about execution.

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  • Pat Kirwan
  • Gronk's injury gives edge to Eli

I'll take either one and so would any other person that knows football. Eli had the fourth quarter numbers this year but Brady didn't get his team in as many fourth quarter come-from-behind situations. I give the edge to Eli if Rob Gronkowski is unable to play because the Giants woud have a better set of receivers.

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  • Steve Wyche
  • Eli has a more help around him

This is a lot tougher than it seems but if we're talking this season -- Eli. He's done it over and over again, including that late drive to beat New England. Manning also has a more diverse and talent support group around him to make things happen down the stretch.

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