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Which QB would you rather have with game on the line?

DALLAS -- Two minutes to go, down by 6 ... who you got: Ben Roethlisberger or Aaron Rodgers? With the Super Bowl XLV matchup between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Green Bay Packers so evenly matched, it might just come down to such a scenario.

We put the question to our analysts and writers. Here's what they had to say:

Gil Brandt: Rodgers

I'm going to take Aaron Rodgers. Give me the quarterback who is most likely to escape and make a play when one is needed. Ben Roethlisberger can escape but is not quick. Next to Michael Vick, there's no quicker quarterback with escape skills than Rodgers.

Vic Carucci: Roethlisberger

Ben Roethlisberger already has delivered in the clutch in a Super Bowl. Also, his game is more conducive to what you want from a quarterback under such circumstances. By nature, he is constantly looking to buy extra time, move around and make the sort of plays that must be made when the pressure -- of the situation and from the opposing defense -- is at its greatest. His mindset is to constantly fight and find a way to win, which is exactly what is needed to be successful in this scenario.

Charles Davis: Roethlisberger

Big Ben for the simple fact that he's done it already, and on the NFL's biggest stage. Who will ever forget how he took Pittsburgh on the game-winning drive against Arizona after struggling to move the ball most of the second half? It was a drive, and a throw, for the ages. Aaron Rodgers is more than capable, but Roethlisberger has the hardware to prove that he's been there, done that.

Elliot Harrison: Roethlisberger

Roethlisberger has shown time and again that he can be a clutch player. I also trust Pittsburgh's defense more, which would make it harder on Rodgers. Both guys are excellent out of the pocket, but Roethlisberger reminds me a little of a young John Elway -- when the play breaks down, he plays his best. A lot of times two-minute situations come down to who can play streetball better, and Roethlisberger is probably the best in the league at that.

Pat Kirwan: Roethlisberger

This season, Roethlisberger has more experience playing from behind in the fourth quarter, completing 102 of 165 passes with seven touchdowns and three interceptions. Rodgers completed 64 of 103 passes with four TDs and three picks. Rodgers has been impressive in his limited postseason experience, never throwing an interception when losing or in the fourth quarter. Roethlisberger has much more postseason experience and has thrown 10 touchdowns with his team trailing. Roethlisberger's drive to beat the Cardinals in his last Super Bowl appearance gives him a slight edge.

Jason La Canfora: Roethlisberger

Roethlisberger is one of the greatest playmakers in NFL history. Period. Regardless of position. Third-and-19 against one of the top defenses in the league with the game on the line? No problem. He'll get it done. He has loads of Super Bowl experience and you just can't knock him down when the game is on the line. Rodgers has been one of the best red-zone quarterbacks ever, and can run his tail off, but you have to lean to Roethlisberger's experience, size and strength combination.

Michael Lombardi: Roethlisberger

Some players shy from pressure, some relish it. Ben Roethlisberger embraces the pressure, doing his best work when the game is in the balance. The two-minute drill is never predictable; when the scripted play breaks down, Roethlisberger is the best, more times than not making something out of nothing. The Steelers believe in their quarterback and they want the ball in his hands when the game is on the line. Just ask the Jets.

Solomon Wilcots: Roethlisberger

I'll take Roethlisberger, simply because he's been there before. Not only did he do it against the Cardinals in Super Bowl XLIII, but he did it last year in a Week 15 win over the Packers, with a touchdown pass on the final play of the game.

Steve Wyche: Roethlisberger

With two minutes to go and down by a score, it's Ben Roethlisberger all day. I would take Roethlisberger over just about any other quarterback in the NFL, let alone Aaron Rodgers. Roethlisberger's clutch play is why I consider him to be among the best players in the NFL. He might not put up fantasy stats, but he puts up big play after big play for his team in the final seconds. There are a lot of quarterbacks who can throw for 400 yards and three touchdowns a game. Only three -- Peyton Manning, Tom Brady and Roethlisberger -- can go 6-of-7 and drive a team 80 yards for a touchdown in the final two minutes without breaking a sweat.

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