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Wentz and Brady are kings of NFL merch mountain


Tom Brady and Carson Wentz won't square off in the Super Bowl this year, and that's a shame. For the time being, football fans will have to settle for a pretty stellar merch battle going on between the two star quarterbacks.

Brady merchandise led sales in 10 states during the 2017 season, according to NFL Shop data made available to Brady was king in the six states that comprise New England (duh), as well as New York, Florida, Indiana and Hawaii. Wentz was the top seller in nine states: Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Virginia, Maryland, Kentucky, Utah, Delaware, North Dakota and Montana. Wentz also took the top spot in the District of Columbia. U.S. capital bonus!

Brady claimed the most states, but Wentz ranked No. 1 in overall sales, which covers jerseys and all other merchandise bearing a player's name or likeness. Brady finished second in overall sales with Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott rounding out the top three.

The sales data spans Sept. 1 through Jan. 18.

Wentz, of course, will watch the Super Bowl from the sideline after suffering a season-ending knee injury in December. How much do Eagles fans adore their star-crossed young star? Wentz held down the top two spots in overall jersey sales this season -- his green No. 11 was the NFL's top seller and his black No. 11 finished second. The third, 10th and 11th spots were all different Brady jerseys. One can imagine Patriots fans have walk-in closets filled with weathered No. 12 tops collected over the past two decades of glory.

Some surprises from the data: Alvin Kamara outsold Drew Brees in Louisiana. Antonio Brown owns Ohio (sorry Browns and Bengals fans). Brady topped hometown kid Marcus Mariota in Hawaii. Christian McCaffrey finished ahead of Cam Newton in North Carolina. Thankful Clemson fans made Deshaun Watson No. 1 in South Carolina. Christian Hackenberg jerseys are everywhere in New York. That's not true. Glad you're paying attention.

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