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Week 15 games that will determine top of 2018 NFL Draft order

As the best NFL clubs compete in the December scramble for playoff position, the worst among them are sorting themselves out for the best picks in the 2018 NFL Draft. Here's a look at four Week 15 games that will help determine the top of next year's draft order.

Records:Ravens: 7-6; Browns: 0-13
Where they stand:After an overtime loss to Green Bay, Cleveland's hold on the No. 1 overall pick is all the stronger. The Colts, Giants and 49ers are now the only other teams in mathematical contention for the top pick, but the race for that pick could end on Sunday. A Browns loss or tie to the Ravens combined with a Giants win this week (New York hosts Philadelphia), or a Browns loss combined with a Giants tie, would clinch the No. 1 selection for Cleveland.
Looking ahead: Cleveland will finish the season against the Bears (4-9) and Steelers (11-2). The season finale against Pittsburgh will be a road game for the Browns, who haven't won at Heinz Field since 2003.

Records:Eagles: 11-2; Giants: 2-11
Where they stand:The Giants are currently holding the No. 2 pick of the draft. They will be underdogs against the Eagles, but they'll be facing a backup QB in Nick Foles following the ACL tear suffered by Carson Wentz. As mentioned above, a Browns loss or tie against the Ravens combined with a Giants win this week, or a Browns loss combined with a Giants tie, would clinch the No. 1 selection for Cleveland. 

Looking ahead: The Giants face the Cardinals and Redskins over the last two weeks of the season. Both have losing records, so New York's hold on the No. 2 pick isn't necessarily a tight grip.

Records:Broncos: 4-9; Colts: 3-10
Where they stand:The Colts are currently tied with San Francisco in the standings at 3-10, but the strength-of-schedule tiebreaker for the No. 3 pick in the draft currently favors the 49ers (.485 to .515). The Broncos currently hold the sixth pick, so a loss to the Colts could swing Denver into the top five.
Looking ahead: The Colts draw the Ravens (7-6) and Texans (4-9) over the last two weeks of the season. The game against Houston could have big implications for the top of the draft order (the Browns hold the Texans' first- and second-round picks). The Broncos close out the season against the Redskins (5-8) and Chiefs (7-6).

Records:Titans: 8-5; 49ers: 3-10
Where they stand:The 49ers, currently holding the No. 3 pick, face a Titans team that is fighting to make the playoffs. San Francisco is on a bit of a roll, winning two games in a row. The 49ers could be out of contention for the No. 1 overall pick before they play on Sunday, as the Browns, who will play before San Francisco on Sunday, have a chance to clinch the top selection this week.

Looking ahead: San Francisco has a tough finish, facing the playoff-contending Jaguars and Rams the last two weeks. The Titans, Jaguars and Rams are a combined 26-13, so the 49ers strength-of-schedule rating will be headed in the wrong direction for draft-related tiebreakers the rest of the season.

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