We are exactly 100 days away from real football

You know you're deep into the NFL offseason when the top story over Memorial Day weekend revolved around uneasy negotiations between Mike Vick and the Falcons toward a one-day retirement contract.

The news cycle has slowed, no doubt, but the good news is every day that passes on the calendar takes us one step closer to real football. Sometimes the inexorable march of time, the prison into which all humankind is born, works in our favor.

To celebrate the 100-day marker, the warriors in the NFL Media Research Department have put together some notable 100 stuff from the 2016 season. Let's have a look.

Most Games With 100+ Passer Rating

»Matt Ryan, 12
»Dak Prescott, 11
»Aaron Rodgers, 9
»Drew Brees, 9
» 4 Players Tied, 8

"30 for 30" piano tinkling plays underneath: What if I told you Matt Ryan would post a 144.1 passer rating in the Super Bowl ... and watch the confetti fall on the wrong team?

Most Games With 100+ Rushing Yards

I see you, Jordan Howard! Lev Bell got his half dozen in four fewer games than the other guys. The Steelers' offense is a terror trap for defensive coordinators.

Most Games With 100+ Receiving Yards

Kelce's 1,120 receiving yards last season shattered the stereotype that NFL standouts can't star in a dumb reality TV dating series that nobody watches then immediately enjoy a career year. So brave.

Most Games With 100+ Scrimmage Yards

Who's got two thumbs and is the only person in America to have David Johnson on his fantasy team in 2016 and still miss the playoffs. THIS GUY.

Coaches With 100+ Career Wins

» Bill Belichick, 237
» Andy Reid, 173
» John Fox, 128
» Marvis Lewis, 118
» Mike McCarthy, 114
» Pete Carroll, 104
» Mike Tomlin, 103

And here's your reminder that Belichick could go 0-16 for the next 41 years and still have a better career winning percentage than Gus Bradley. Andy Reid, meanwhile, is one measly Super Bowl win away from the Hall of Fame. His latest quest to finally check that box begins in exactly 100 days.

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