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Want to join Cowboys' bandwagon? Apply here

"America's Team" is hiring.

The ever-expanding, ever-aggrandizing Cowboys' bandwagon has seen a massive uptick in interest this season, thanks to the stellar, historic seasons of attractive and personable rookies Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott. Now that the NFC East champions are in the postseason, the organization is preparing to make even more room for new customers, err, "fans" and took to social media to reach out to prospective buyers.

As much as grounded, homegrown fans of other franchises will love to hate this internet offering, there's no arguing this is a good, solid tweet. Creativity, humor and self-awareness in bundles with a wrinkle or two -- if you're not from Texas and can name all four of those Cowboys, you deserve a Lone Star.

There's no guarantee there will be much job security on this bandwagon, what with Aaron Rodgers and his 19-nil TD-to-INT ratio rolling into town this weekend, seeking to send the Cowboys and their supporters into an early winter trophy-less. But if you don't mind postseason disappointments, 24/7 offseason drama and ridicule and scorn from most of your once-close friends, hop on board! 

Note: Something tells us prerequisite experience in rooting for the New York Yankees, Los Angeles Lakers, Alabama football, Duke basketball, Dale Earnhardt Jr. and whatever team LeBron is on will give you the upper hand in contract negotiations.

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