Walter Payton Man of the Year

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Walter Payton Man of the Year

Over the course of his 18-year career, Peyton Manning's name has become synonymous with greatness and dedication. As the son of a former NFL quarterback, Manning was already faced with the pressure of living up to the family name even before the Indianapolis Colts drafted him first overall in the 1998 NFL Draft. But as Manning has shown time and again, there is no obstacle too big for him to overcome.

Considered by many to be one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history, Manning's Hall of Fame worthy resume does little to dispute that claim. A Super Bowl champion and Super Bowl MVP, Manning has also made it a habit of breaking records left and right on his quest toward Canton.

And perhaps no player in the history of the game has ever had a single season quite like the one Manning had back in 2013. That year, Manning threw for an NFL record 5,477 passing yards to go along with a record 55 touchdown passes, earning him his fifth MVP award, which, as it happens, is also an NFL record. Today, Manning holds the distinction of being both the NFL's all-time leader in passing yards and touchdown passes.

But Manning's quest for excellence extends beyond the game of football. Since 1999, through the help of his charity, the PeyBack Foundation, the 2005 Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year Award recipient has sought to promote the future success of disadvantaged youth by assisting programs that provide both leadership and opportunities for at-risk children. For a man known for getting the best out of his teammates, it's only fitting that Manning has fought to help others achieve their own level of greatness.

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