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Vince Young seeks 'Make Vince Great Again' trademark

Vince Young isn't lacking ambition in his comeback attempt.

Austin-based Vincent Young, Inc. is attempting to trademark the phrase "MAKE VINCE GREAT AGAIN."

The phrase, of course, is a play on the notorious Donald Trump campaign war cry and red cap unit shifter. One could argue that Young was never great in the NFL, though that descriptor neatly described his legendary run at the University of Texas.

We learned last week that the former first-round pick has hired agent Leigh Steinberg to reboot his professional football career. Three months shy of his 34th birthday, Young hasn't taken an NFL snap since the 2011 season. He hasn't been a functional signal-caller since his rookie year with the Titans in 2006.

That said, everybody loves a comeback story, and Young making a successful return to the NFL would probably rank just below Kurt Warner going from grocery store stock boy to Super Bowl MVP in the End Around Insanity Scale.

Hmmmm, maybe I should trademark that.

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