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Tyreek Hill cost Vikings' Sherels $100K with return

Adam Vinatieri isn't the only guy to lose out on huge payday on the final day of the season.

Vikings return man Marcus Sherels was on his way to finishing his season as the league leader in punt return average. That distinction would trigger a $100,000 escalator in the two-year deal he signed with Minnesota last March.

But something happened on Sherels' way to the bank. Later in the day, Tyreek Hill, the man of a million highlights, fielded a punt deep in Chiefs territory and took it to the house for a 95-yard touchdown. That jaunt jumped his punt return average from 13.1 to 15.2 -- comfortably ahead of Sherels 13.9 average.

Vinatieri lost out on $500K when he went wide right against the Jags, which is terrible. That said, Vinatieri has played 21 seasons and made many millions in salary and endorsements. Sherels is hardly destitute -- his most recent contract included $1.5 million in guaranteed money -- but you can imagine the setback stuck to his ribs a little bit longer.

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