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True love waits: Tony Romo is making his return to golf

Tony Romo had a career of ups and downs, but he was always a hot story.

For example, it was a legitimately beefy NFL news item when it came out in 2013 that Romo was cutting golf out of his offseason routine in order to more fully commit himself to his day job. I haven't checked the archives, but I imagine Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless devoted roughly seven weeks of coverage to the news.

Romo has a different day job now, of course, trading his quarterback gig for a seat next to Jim Nantz in the CBS broadcast booth. And with the Cowboys in the rearview, a return to golf was inevitable.

Tony Romo is about to return to golf.

Good luck to Antonio, who made three prior attempts to qualify for the U.S. Open before shutting it down. Back in 2010, he actually advanced to the sectional qualifying round but had to pull out when pesky football practices caused a schedule clash.

If Tiger Woods is done, it might be up to Tony Romo to bring golf back to the mainstream. Pressure everywhere the man turns.

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