Top 10 moments from Russell Wilson 'Barbershop Talk'

I watched all 27 minutes and 42 seconds of "Barbershop Talk" with Russell Wilson, a fan outreach video uploaded to his official Facebook page on Tuesday. Here are the top 10 lines from the video, which also acts as visual evidence of the longest haircut/least amount of hair cut ratio in history.

All quotes come from the Seahawks quarterback himself unless otherwise noted.

10. "As you guys know, we had Earth, Wind & Fire play at the wedding, which was amazing."

9. "Well, for me, what I listen to before the games, I normally have my headphones on, my Bose® headphones on, noise cancellation. The Q-35, I just got those the other day. ... I like them because they completely take out the sound."

8. "Obviously, my lovely wife, she loves music as well. I listen to her stuff."

7. "I believe what you listen to, is what comes true, in my opinion. I believe that the things that you listen to, they manifest."

6. Manager: "We bring a Bose Soundlink® (to the golf course), we hook up via the bluetooth on our phone and get about five, six hours of play. Lasts all day."

5. "My favorite movie of all-time is probably Life. Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence, so many (good actors). Bernie Mac's in the movie. Rest in peace, Bernie."

4. "Al Pacino, respect brother. Al Pacino, we're still requesting you come to a game. I know we met each other in L.A. not too long ago and you're a huge, huge fan."

3.** Manager: "Russ, what kind of movies are you watching? I always see you watching movies on your Microsoft Surface® when we're flying. What do you put on there."

2. "For those who are watching who don't know Trevor. He's, like, my mental coach guy."

1. "There's going to be good times, going to be bad times. There's no such things as bad times in my opinion. They're all just moments, right? Just for a split-second."

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