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Tony Romo is in uniform for his big NBA shootaround

It's Tony Romo Day in the NBA, which is weird, but there's a lot of weird stuff going on in the world right now so just roll with it.

The freshly retired Cowboys quarterback will ride the bench for the Dallas Mavericks in their season finale tonight at American Airlines Arena. Predictably, there is no shortage of coverage of his fun little adventure.

Curious what Tony Romo looks like in an NBA uniform? Be curious no more!

Here's the walk to the court, son in tow. (This is a great Dad Move) ...

Here's another angle, this time with a better look at all the cameramen impatiently waiting for all the real basketball players to get out of their shot:

The Mavericks also sent out this artistic rendering of what it would have looked like if Caron Butler was right:

And, you know, I didn't really grasp how potentially awkward this could be for Romo until I watched this video of him wandering around the court like a lost boy.

Help him out, Dirk!

UPDATE: Romo has a "sneaky good uncle at the Y" jumper:

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