Tony Romo: 'I know I'll probably stink for a while'

Tony Romofell short in his attempt to qualify for the U.S. Open on Monday. He openly acknowledges that his ability as a color commentator, like his golf game, should be seen as a work in progress.

After Romo had shot a three-over 75 to miss the cut at Split Rail, the retired Cowboys star spoke with the Star-Telegram about whether golf could fill the huge competitive void left by football. His answer provided an illuminating look about how he views his new gig at CBS.

"It's different. Competition in itself I enjoy and, for me, just improving and looking at something to get better at.

"That's the same thing in broadcasting. I understand I'm coming in without any experience in that world. It's exciting, it's a little nerve-wracking, it's all these things in one. That's why you love to do things. You're coming into the unknown and something I have to get better at and I like a challenge. I know I'll probably stink for a while [in the broadcast booth]. Hopefully I'll continue to improve at that and hopefully get better and be good."

You have to admire Romo's honesty. He gets it: There is going to be a wild amount of scrutiny that comes with his opening telecasts with Jim Nantz, so letting people know that he is essentially starting from scratch here is an attempt to defuse expectations a bit.

All that said, football fans are not going to grade Romo on a curve. A collective opinion -- quite possibly a negative one -- will be formed almost instantly. It's the main reason why the CBS decision to drop him into their most high-profile chair has become one of the most fascinating subplots of the coming season.

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