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Tomahawk chant served as fuel for Jameis Winston

Arrowhead Stadium is one of the toughest environments for any road quarterback to get comfortable. Jameis Winston represents an exception to the rule.

"Man, the crowd noise was amazing," Winston said after the Bucs' upset win over the Chiefs on Sunday. "Every third down, they did an 'Nole-chant' and I was so pumped up, it really made me feel at home."

Winston is referring to the Chiefs' tomahawk chop chant, which is identical to the Seminole War Chant at Florida State, Winston's alma mater. In case you're curious, FSU originated the chant in 1984, according to ESPN, before the Chiefs and, later, the Atlanta Braves brought it to their respective home stadiums.

"I love playing here," Winston said. "Every time I (got) the chance to hit a Nole-chant, (I did it). I was even doing it with the fans at the beginning of the game."

I wonder why these teams all use the same chant. Would it be too much work to make a couple subtle changes -- perhaps how you hit one of the "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh"s --- so that your fanbase can have a truly unique chant and not some shopworn hand-me-down?

Actually, you know what, I'm staying out of this. Good chant, everybody.

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