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Tom Coughlin Jags merch? It's a real thing that exists

It's (another) new beginning for the Jacksonville Jaguars. Time to sell it, baby!

There is no more need to fret about the outrageously barren Gus Bradley years. No, the Jaguars ask their fans to look boldly to the future with a knowing nod to the past. Tom Coughlin, the team's first-ever head coach, has joined the team as the executive vice president. Keenan McCardell, one of the great playmakers of the nascent Jags years, has joined the coaching staff.

I have to admit I never thought I'd see official team gear pumping up a front-office figure or a new wide receivers coach. Then again, I never thought I'd see a swimming pool at NFL home games, either.

You have to wonder how embattled general manager David Caldwell feels about his boss getting fancy new merch. It's almost like he should be slightly uncomfortable with this new power arrangement! Same goes for Doug Marrone, who is looking for any job security he can find in a Blake Bortles world. Team-licensed apparel featuring his name or likeness (kind of) qualifies!

Let's help the guys out ...

C'mon Jags. Make these men whole.

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