Tom Brady to Kraft: 'Somebody stole my game jersey!'

HOUSTON -- This should be the proudest moment of Tom Brady's career, but at this very second he has a mystery to solve.

Someone has stolen Tom Brady's jersey. The white No. 12 jersey the greatest quarterback of all-time wore on Sunday in the greatest comeback in NFL history. Taking these two factors into account, this is a pretty damn special jersey.

But right now, Tom Brady doesn't have it. Somewhere between the time he took it off and right now, an individual picked up his jersey and walked off. Could be a thief. Could be an over-eager equipment manager. With two large security guards flanked on either side of him, Brady goes through his locker searching for the jersey the way you or I would look for car keys in the living room. These are the best Brady moments because they are the ones where he seems relatable. Human even!

A few minutes later, Patriots owner Robert Kraft approaches the Super Bowl LI MVP with a box of gorgeous-looking cigars.

Brady kisses Kraft's cheek, and delivers the breaking news: "Somebody stole my game jersey!"

"Are you serious?" Kraft replies, though he doesn't seem totally invested, this being the night he's cemented his place as the most successful owner of all-time and all.

Brady nods his head and the owner cracks, "Well, you better look online." Brady smiles. This will not affect the evening's celebration.

As of Monday morning's MVP news conference, Brady said he still hadn't located his missing kit. The whole ordeal also has caught the attention of Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, who has asked the Texas Rangers to assist the Houston Police Dept. in trying to locate Brady's lost jersey. NFL security is also looking into the matter.

Kraft knows the feeling of losing a prized possession connected to a Patriots championship. Russian president Vladimir Putin once stole Kraft's Super Bowl ring. I liked typing that sentence because it is both hilarious and 100 percent true. Now the owner and his star can share tales of woe to go with their mounting legends of conquest.

In a way, you could look at it as yet another win for the Patriots. These freakin' guys.

Don't miss: Live coverage of the Patriots' Super Bowl LI victory parade starts at 10 a.m. ET Tuesday on NFL Network.

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