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Tom Brady, Josh McDaniels have sideline disagreement

Tom Brady is one of pro football's great competitors. We know this because he yells, "Let's go!" really loud before every game. Well, that and the unending waterfall of personal and team-based achievements during a legendary 18-year career with the Patriots.

Brady's intensity has always been part of the TB12 package. We got another glimpse of it near the tail end of a frustrating first quarter in Buffalo on Sunday. After a 14-play drive ended with a field-goal attempt instead of the expected touchdown, Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels appeared to say something to Brady that did not sit well with his quarterback. We know this because Brady needed to rip off his helmet to keep his head from exploding.

After the game, Brady downplayed the incident.

"It's just football, we've been around each other a lot," Brady told reporters. "I love Josh."

Don't worry about McDaniels. The two men have worked together for 13 years in what's been an incredibly fruitful relationship. This is not the first disagreement they've had, and it won't be the last. Fun to watch though, isn't it?

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