Tom Brady channels Deflategate fury in sneaker ad

With Peyton Manning retired, Tom Brady has a chance to put some distance between him and his old rival in the unending G.O.A.T. conversation.

But one place Peyton has always had a comfortable lead is as a pitchman. Brady has chosen a more offbeat path in this space -- remember the mattress commercial in the haunted mansion? -- but a new Foot Locker ad shows Brady can do comedy as well.

I know this feels like a lazy Boston inference, but am I the only one picking up a Matt Damon vibe during Brady's surprisingly well-delivered monologue?

This commercial also got me thinking (and I don't imagine I'm alone): What if Tom Brady really was completely innocent of any wrongdoing in connection to the Deflategate saga? Can you imagine how much that would tear you up inside? For a person of his stature, that would really and truly suck on a level that's hard for the rest of us to comprehend.

Maybe, just maybe, Brady's performance here is so excellent because it comes from a very real place.

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