Tom Brady begins his own jersey investigation

Tom Brady cares a lot less about the whereabouts of his missing Super Bowl jersey than initially believed.

The Patriots quarterback -- whose stolen uniform top was recently valued by authorities at $500,000 -- took to Instagram on Wednesday to display a list of possible suspects in the case.

The pop culture references are flying fast and furious here: Lord Of The Rings, Billy Madison, Lady Gaga, Jaws, The Office, even Air Bud. The caption is a deep cut reference from Good Will Hunting, which will undoubtedly please the thousands of Sullys in Brady's fanbase. There's even a nod to the infamous Brady courtroom sketch from Deflategate.

Of course, the only real lead produced by this "evidence board" is further proof that Tom Brady employs a covert cadre of well-compensated social media specialists to do his bidding.

Their gargantuan task: Make Tom Brady Seem Personable And Maybe Funny At Times. This quality entry should land the entire team high-octane kale slurpees come bonus time.

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