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Todd Gurley ends local gym bro with killer crossover

Los Angeles Rams fans could probably use a reminder of Todd Gurley's athletic greatness right about now.

They didn't get many last season, when Gurley was held to 3.2 (!) yards per carry while trapped on the worst offense in the NFL. We'll have to wait until September to see if Gurley can recapture the spark from his fine rookie campaign, but for now let's watch Gurley end some poor dude at a 24-Hour Fitness center with a devastating crossover.

I particularly enjoy the aggrieved defender's bewildered glance at the floor moments after his fall. No sir, that is no wet spot on the court -- those are tiny bone fragments from both of your ankles.

And shoutout to Gurley for ending the play with the deuce. As anyone who's played in competitive gym hoops can attest, the majority of amateur slasher types have no ability to finish. Your crossover don't mean jack unless you put the rock in the hole.

Way to go, Todd. And rest in peace, Other Guy.

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