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Today is 3/28: Try to stay off the internet, Falcons fans

It remains bonkers that the Atlanta Falcons lost Super Bowl LI. Inconceivable, even.

A team that a) had won six straight b) outscored its opponents 80-41 during the NFC playoffs c) had NFL MVP Matt Ryan at quarterback, and this is the most important part, d) had a 28-3 lead over the Patriots late in the third quarter, somehow came up short. As football fans, I don't think we've collectively processed what happened at NRG Stadium on Feb. 5, 2017.

And if the average fan is still working through the events of that day, just think where the Falcons fan is less than two months later. One thing I can say with certainty: This isn't helping ...

All the Boston cronies are out ...

Man, Rovell is in on it, too? This isn't healthy.

Um, Dwight Eisenhower died on this day in 1969. I don't see anybody celebrating that.

Wait, there's merch?!?

Totally unnecessary for you to be involved in this, Patriots:

If the U.S. put the day in front of the month like pretty much everybody else, today would be 28/3/17 and everything would be cool for Ludacris and others. But we had to be different. We had to be special. Way to go, manifest destiny.

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