Titans re-schedule practice to watch total eclipse

It's a total eclipse of the Titans -- standardized practice routine that is. I hate myself.

On Monday at 1:27 p.m. CT, Nashville will have a front-row seat for the oncoming total solar eclipse. This natural phenomenon hasn't occurred since 1979, and the Tennessee capital is the largest city in its path.

With that in mind, Titans coach Mike Mularkey altered the club's schedule so his team could watch the eclipse together. Awwww.

"I actually did [change the schedule]," Mularkey said, according to Terry McCormick of TitanInsider.com. "I adjusted the schedule so we will be practicing during it. I went back, once we found out about it, and rerouted the schedule so we're out here together to see it."

See, this is good head coach work. Nice job, Mike Mularkey. Titans, 11-5. Meanwhile, think about every wildly dedicated science teacher you ever had and then imagine that science teacher being based in Nashville on Monday afternoon at 1:27. We're talking spontaneously-combust-level joy.

We should all feel that.

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