Titans auction first two play calls in preseason opener

For those itching to catch a glimpse of Mike Mularkey's "Exotic Smashmouth," you'll have to be patient during the Titans' opening possession on Saturday night.

The head coach confirmed that Tennessee's first two offensive play calls will be made by people involved in a team auction in support of the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Two bidders offered $10,000 for the right to call a play, and Mularkey agreed to give both a shot.

"I did it in Atlanta," Mularkey explained, referencing his time as offensive coordinator with the Falcons. "I offered the first play of the preseason game up for auction -- let somebody come in here, see how we function, how everything operates here and really go through a game plan with them. Bring them in to the offensive room where all of our coaches were, which they did yesterday, and the board is up for the Chargers. And we talked through a lot of the plays that are up there and give them the ability to call the first play."

The plays have already been selected and are locked into the Titans' game plan against the Chargers. I'll be wildly disappointed if a flea flicker or some other high-level shenanigans are not involved. Marcus Mariota needs to be lining out wide left at some point. Go big or go home.

By the way, the Make-A-Wish Foundation offers "wishes" to children who are fighting life-threatening diseases. As far as causes go, they don't get much better. Every team should do this.

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