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Tim Tebow preaches the 'Patriot Way' as 'the truth'

Remember when Tim Tebow was a New England Patriot? If you blinked, you missed it, and how lucky you were.

The Heisman-winning southpaw spent training camp in Foxborough in 2013, but was cut before the 53-man roster was finalized. Since then, Tebow has made a living as an analyst on the SEC Network and has started numerous charitable foundations.

But Super Bowl week brought Tebow back out of the collegiate wilderness and back into the professional limelight. The former QB spent his Friday riding the Radio Row car wash, playing a front man for foreign avocados and preaching the good word that is the Patriot Way.

"When people talk about the Patriot Way, it's not a cliche they're just trying to use. It's actually the truth," Tebow explained on Good Morning Football. "It's a different level. It's a different level of focus, of study, of preparation than a lot of other teams. That's also another reason why they keep going to the Super Bowl."

This is not the first or last time that we've been subjected to lecturing from former players about the Patriot Way, the ambiguous system of indoctrination that absorbs and consumes every player to ever step foot in One Patriot Place. It's a popular excuse for how consistent and successful New England has been since 2001, but could it be something else entirely?

If the Patriots weren't a professional football organization, you'd think, from his players' reactions over the years, that Bill Belichick was just developing a cult 16 Earth rotations deep into its world takeover. Just listen to how Tebow explains the effectiveness of the mysterious mindset.

"When you preach something for long enough, people are going to buy into it," Tebow described. "They're going to start to believe in that. I think the leaders so bought into that so many years ago, everybody else is forced to, right? When the culture's a certain way, the outliers, they're going to fall in."

Fall in, outliers. Buy in, deniers. The Word of Bill is sacrosanct and will save you from post-football damnation.

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