Tim Tebow kind of looks like fourth outfielder

Tim Tebow will be the governor of Florida one day, and almost certainly the President of the United States by 2028, but for now, we're all along for the ride during his "Bro, I'm just trying to find myself" twentysomething period. You may be going through one of those yourself right now.

On Tuesday, ESPN's Adam Schefter reported that Tebow is in training as he prepares for a private workout for Major League teams.

The Cleveland Indians' social media team bit.

Cheeky little things.

I have to say, Tebow kind of looks like a perfectly serviceable fourth outfielder on a fringe playoff team. The 2010s answer to Rusty Greer or Gabe Kapler. For what it's worth, Gary Sheffield is all in.

My prediction: There is no earthly reason why an MLB team would attend a private workout for a 29-year-old former NFL quarterback who hasn't played organized baseball in over a decade. But that won't stop at least three teams from showing up.

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