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Tim Tebow goes deep in first official at-bat with Mets

During Tim Tebow's failed one-year cameo with the New York Jets, the quarterback would often chat with Rex Ryan about baseball. It was a shared interest of the two men -- one can imagine it also helped to ease any tension in the relationship as Tebow's football career spiraled spectacularly in Gotham.

What neither man could know at the time, what neither could possibly imagine, was that four years later Tebow would be attempting to resurrect his career as a professional athlete on the diamond, not the gridiron.

Fast forward to Wednesday. Tebow played in his first official game since signing a minor league contract with the New York Mets earlier this month. Tebow stepped into the box in front of a sparse but undoubtedly attentive crowd and awaited the first pitch.

You know where this is going right?

It wasn't long before word got back to Ryan in Orchard Park.

"That's great for him," Ryan said, according to's Kim Jones. "He's a good kid. I really liked him."

This is really happening.

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