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Tim Tebow facing live pitching in spring training today

Let's check in with Tim Tebow.

Yeah, yeah, I know. Half the people who read would be cool if the man's name was never mentioned on this site ever again. So consider this an update for the other half.

Tebow will bat eighth and serve as the designated hitter in Wednesday's spring training game against the Red Sox. It marks Tebow's first action against live pitching this year. He will likely face Boston right-hander Rick Porcello, who's only the reigning American League Cy Young Award winner.

It's unlikely this ends well. Tebow has been routinely overmatched in the box since beginning this strange journey. He hit .194 in the Arizona Fall League with zero homers, three doubles and 20 strikeouts in 62 at-bats. In other words, he was out of his depth playing with a bunch of kids a decade his junior. One can assume Tebow said a few extra prayers this morning.

The man remains the ultimate longshot to make it to the big leagues, and it's difficult to look at this as anything other than a cheap, cringey, publicity ploy by the Mets. (No. 15 Tebow jerseys are currently on sale for $115 at the Mets gift shop!)

But it is pretty crazy when you step back and think about it: Tim Tebow, that Tim Tebow, is in the lineup for the Mets against the Boston Red Sox today. It would be cool to get in a time machine and tell this to a Broncos fan five years ago. Brain matter everywhere.

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