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Tiger Woods is 'heartbroken' about Derek Carr injury

Tiger Woods wants you to know you're not the only one annoyed that a fun Raiders team is being wheeled into the playoffs on life support.

Woods capped a 1,600-word blog post on his website with commentary on injured quarterback Derek Carr.

"Finally, I am heartbroken about the injury to Oakland Raiders quarterback Derek Carr, who was having an MVP season," Woods wrote. "Typical football, next man up. You're one play away from having a devastating injury, and that's just the way it is. Hopefully, guys will rally and take it as far as they can. I'll be pulling for them in the playoffs."

The Raiders talk might seem like it comes out of nowhere, but it makes sense upon closer inspection. Woods, who grew up in Southern California and attended Stanford, has long identified himself as a Silver & Black supporter.

And who knows more about the frustrations of a body betraying a gifted athlete than Tiger Woods? Ten years ago, it seemed a lock that Woods would go down as the greatest golfer who'd ever lived. A catastrophe of back and lower body injuries changed that trajectory.

Tiger feels Carr's pain. And you get it.

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