Thomas Dimitroff feeling good after sideline reception

I like what Thomas Dimitroff did late in the fourth quarter on Sunday in Oakland.

The Falcons general manager watches a throw-away pass from Derek Carr into his hands and makes the catch without incident on the Atlanta sideline. Dimitroff casually flips The Duke to a nearby ball boy and continues to do his front-office guy thing.

Making the catch was important. A drop would have belied weakness in front of his team, peers and society. But the key here, the thing I really want you to pay attention to, is how Dimitroff carries himself after the catch.

Dimitroff is so proud of himself. He's doing everything in his power to hold in his excitement. When my cousins and I spent our summers playing wiffle ball, we would call this The Matt Nokes Face. It's the face you make when you're really pleased with yourself but you don't want anyone to know just how much your achievement means to you.

Former Yankees catcher Matt Nokes would make this face after hitting meaningless home runs in 1991. And Thomas Dimitroff did at The Black Hole in 2016.

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