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Think your team has bad luck? Meet the Prague Lions

It doesn't matter who you root for, we've all been a part of losses that feel like you've been kicked in the stomach and thrown down a flight of stairs. Consider it the cost of entry for being a diehard.

While everyone has had a horror story or three, just consider yourselves blessed you didn't wake up Sunday morning a fan of the Prague Lions. On Saturday, the Lions played the rival Prague Black Panthers in Czech Bowl XXIII. Trailing 10-9 in the final seconds, Lions quarterback Matt Silva heaved a desperation Hail Mary that was corralled by Panthers defender Jan Dundáček.

Game over? Not quite. Dundáček intercepted the pass at the 7-yard line, but proceeded to run into his own end zone before giving himself up. Under league rules, both in the NFL and the Czech League of American Football, this should have represented a safety and, as a result, a wildly improbable 11-10 win for the Lions.

But game officials erroneously ruled that Dundáček had been carried into the end zone by his own momentum, spotting the ball at the point of the catch. Football Zebras has a detailed look at the play and notes that the league's officiating trainer and the game's back judge have already resigned.

And that was today's Czech League News Banger post of the day. Bring on training camp.

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