Things have changed since last Falcons Super Bowl trip

The Atlanta Falcons last appeared in the Super Bowl on Jan. 31, 1999. It didn't go so well. The Broncos beat them up good and pretty much the only thing people remember about the Falcons from that day is that safety Eugene Robinson got arrested for soliciting a prostitute the night before, which happened to be the same day Robinson received the Bart Starr "Good Guy" award. Bad times all around.

In other news, 1999 was a long time ago! If you were a young adult back then -- you're pretty old now! Because this is always a fun exercise, here's some stuff that was happening on the final day of January in 1999.

»Matt Ryan was a 13-year-old boy.

»Family Guy premiered on FOX.

» "Hit Me Baby One More Time" -- the debut single from Britney Spears -- was the No. 1 song in America.

»Gas cost 98 cents a gallon.

»Freddie Prinze Jr. vehicle She's All That was the No. 1 movie in America.


» Mankind was the WWE champion.

» Donald Trump was a C-list celebrity.

»Southern Cross by Patricia Cornwell topped the New York Times Best-Sellers List.

» Bill Belichick was defensive coordinator of the New York Jets.

» Nobody knew what The Tuck Rule was. There was so much we didn't know.

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