The video to lift up the Falcons fan in your life

How long will it take the Atlanta Falcons to shake off their stunning Super Bowl LI loss?

I suppose the better question is this: Will the Falconsever recover from what happened last Sunday night? Their collapse against the Patriots was an all-timer, and it's fair to wonder if the scars of blowing a 28-3 lead will undo this group forever. Losing the team's offensive mastermind won't help matters.

But we do know this: The Falconswill be back in 2017, and one can imagine they'll frame their stunning Super Bowl defeat as the ultimate motivating force. In fact, we know this because the team has published an intense video that exalts the power and redemptive spirit of "The Brotherhood."

That is a stellar performance from Derrick Moore, the Georgia Tech football chaplain who starred in hype videos all season for Atlanta. If you have a buddy who's a Falcons fan, send them this video. It might finally get them out of bed.

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