Texans fan starts GoFundMe to buy out Osweiler deal

When Brock Osweiler was introduced by the Houston Texans in March, the signing was hailed as a potential masterstroke for a team looking for the final piece of the championship puzzle. Following a Week 1 win over the Bears, Texans owner Bob McNair gushed, "He's everything we thought he would be. He can perform under pressure, and that's what you want."

Cut to the present day. The Texans are still atop the AFC South, but all is not well. Osweiler has played poorly, and the Texans are coming off an ugly primetime loss to the Broncos in which an overmatched Osweiler averaged 3.2 yards per attempt on 41 throws against his former team. If you turned up the volume of your TV, you could hear John Elway cackling from his luxury suite. It was a grim scene for the NFL's Houston franchise.

The natives, meanwhile, are restless. One disgruntled Texans fan has started a GoFundMe page with the goal of raising enough cash to buy out Osweiler's $72 million deal. (The contract only actually includes $37 million guaranteed, but you know, symbolism.)

"I am a die hard Texans fan and we need to get rid of Brock Osweiler or we're not going anywhere. He is a waste of 72 million and for a dollar a day we can get him out and make DeAndre Hopkins happy."

Under the "Recent Donations" column, there's a $5 pledge from a man who goes by the name Rick Smith. His comment reads, "This guy's going to get us all canned!" Now, I know this isn't the real Texans general manager. But you think that very thought didn't go through the real Rick Smith's mind a few times on Monday night?

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